Alejandro Almanza Pereda and José Luis Cortés-Santander
Next Time You See Me it Won't Be Me

September 20th - October 21st, 2012

Taking collaboration as their starting point, Almanza Pereda and Cortés-Santander worked outside traditional systems (research, consensus, planning, negotiation, etc.), and instead agreed to work within a silent exchange to build the exhibition. Bounded by the experiential environment in which both work and interact and departing from the assumption of “misunderstanding” as a challenge to conventional approaches to objects and matter, the artists create improvisational sculptural and spontaneous site-specific installations.

Next time you see me it won't be me is the first collaborative project between Alejandro Almanza Pereda and José Luis Cortés-Santander, a project that according to the artists, “seeks a transformative communication through shared objects and materials, indifferent to the acquisition and exchange of traditional language or static knowledge.”

Alejandro Almanza Pereda constructs large-scale sculptures and installations that assemble disparate objects in precarious balancing acts that play on the tense moment just before collapse. His unpredictable arrangements of domestic and construction materials create a tension that transforms the original intent of the objects he selects.

José Luis Cortés-Santander works within an investigative process that departs from everyday observation as a way to acquire knowledge from the boundaries of artistic practice. Through diverse and multi-disciplinary projects and understated provocations, he performs interventions in the everyday flow to disrupt our presupposed notions of possibility.